Running synchronization using the Synchronization Console

Current version: 8.2

Routing.Framework.Sdk solution allows to run AX synchronization outside of Sitecore in the console.

Get DateExchange.Commerce.Sdk.<build number>.zip from the SDK folder.

  1. Unzip the DataExchange.Commerce.SDK.<buildnumber> file, and follow the instructions in the Readme to fix the missing .dll references that are needed to build the SDK.

  2. Edit the App.config file to point to point to your storefront Host name, and to specify Sitecore administrator credentials.

        <add key="Host" value="" />
        <add key="UserName" value="sitecore\admin" />
        <add key="Password" value="b" />
        <add key="SitecoreDatabase" value="master" />
    </appSettings > 

Run the executable. The results of synchronization will be output to the console.

The tool will run full or incremental synchronization based on the Sitecore settings. For more information on Sitecore settings, see Types of synchronization.

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