Scaling Up Sitecore with Product Buckets

Current version: 8.2

For big data support, Sitecore uses Item Buckets to dynamically organize child nodes and enables content item search.

At the Content Editor for the Master Database:


Item Buckets are not supported on Commerce Server items. For the same support on Commerce Server items, use Product Buckets. Once you enable Product Buckets, products will be hidden from the tree. The only way to find them will be through search.

  1. Expand the Sitecore/Commerce/Settings/Catalog folder.

  2. Select the Product Buckets item, then select the Content tab.

  3. Check the Value check box in the Commerce pane.

  4. Save your changes.

  5. Browse to and select the Sitecore/Commerce/Catalog Management/Catalogs node.

  6. In the Ribbons, click on the Sitecore Commerce tab, click the Refresh Catalog Cache button, and then click the Refresh Sitecore Cache button.

    If you expand the content tree to view your catalogs, you should no longer see any products.


    If products are still visible in the content tree, collapse and expand the Catalogs node, or right-click on the Catalogs node and select Refresh. If products are still visible in the content tree after taking those actions, perform an IISReset.

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