Setting the Fallback Language

Current version: 8.2

Sitecore 8.1 introduced a feature called Language Fallback, which provides the ability to return a default language version of an item should a requested language not exist.

The CatalogTemplateGenerator class will set this fallback language for all catalog languages during the generation of catalog templates. The CatalogTemplateGenerator does not make a decision directly about what the fallback language should be. Instead, it calls out to a pipeline called getCommerceCatalogFallbackLanguage and allows that pipeline to make the decision. The default processor in this pipeline will set the fallback language to be the default commerce language, set on the defaultLanguage attribute in the CommerceServer.config file, unless the fallback language is already set on a language, and then the default processor will use that. If this behavior does not suit your needs, you should replace the processor in this pipeline with your own implementation.


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