Special Sitecore config files

Current version: 8.2

SCpbCS comes with two special config files, CommerceServer.SwitchMasterToWeb.config and CommerceServer.Processing.config, which are used to enable or disable specific functions for different Sitecore roles.

The CommerceServer.SwitchMasterToWeb.config config file disables all functionality around the master database, causing the Sitecore instance can become a Content Delivery server. This means disabling all dataprovider and search indexes around the master database for SCpbCS. This is the same functionality as the Sitecore SwitchMasterToWeb.config.

The CommerceServer.Processing.config file is used for Processing server roles. When setting up a Processing server role, disable all other config files except for the CommerceServer.Processing.config file. This config file registers a pipeline processor in the Initialize pipeline, which registers types with MongoDB that may have been serialized into MongoDB via xDB.

Sitecore evaluates config files alphabetically, with files at the root of the Include folder being read first, followed by all of the files in the subfolders. The CommerceServer.SwitchMasterToWeb.config must be evaluated after all SCpbCS files and any files developed by 3rd parties. If you create your own config files, and these files are listed alphabetically after the CommerceServer folder, you should take the CommerceServer.SwitchMasterToWeb.config out of the CommerceServer folder and add it into a folder named “Z”, so that the file will be evaluated last.

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