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Current version: 8.2

Commerce Server provides integration with the Sitecore publishing wizard that allows you to start replication of Commerce Server staging projects defined on the local server. Staging projects can only be started through the publishing wizard - they cannot be created through Sitecore. Staging projects can be created or modified using the Commerce Server Staging Manager.

Complete the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure the user identity of the application pool hosting the Sitecore site is a member of the CSS Operators security group.

  • Ensure the user identity of the application pool hosting the Sitecore site must have Launch and Activation permissions for the DCOM application {7E95698D-CD3C-4C98-93C7-6510C31F7DDF}. This can be done through the Component Services tool (dcomcnfg.exe).

At the Sitecore Publishing Wizard:

  1. Select a staging project to start.

    Open the Settings page, the Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.4 staging projects that have been defined on the local system will be listed in the Staging group box. The value in parentheses following the staging project name indicates the current status of the staging project.


    Staging projects whose current status is InProgress cannot be selected / started because they are currently actively replicating commerce data.


    To start a staging project without publishing Sitecorecontent, select the Only Stage Commerce Data option in the Staging Options group box.

  2. Publish the project.

    Click the Publish button.


    Do not close the publishing wizard dialog until the system responds with The wizard has completed. Closing the publishing wizard dialog prematurely could result in the selected staging projects not being started.

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