Sub-system web services role

Current version: 8.2

The sub-system web services role is used to create the accounts that will be used as application pools. You must create application pools on the business management server for each web service that you unpack, and you must create one application pool on each web server for each web site that it supports.


For each Commerce Server web site that you create, we recommend that you create unique web service account names and application pools. You can share application pools across Commerce Server web sites, but we do not recommend it.

To create accounts to be used as application pools, use the following steps.

  1. Install Sitecore. For more information, go to Sitecore installation.

  2. Configure Commerce Server. For more information, go to Commerce Server configuration.

  3. UnPup the Commerce Server site. For more information, go to Creating the Commerce Server site . You will only need to unPup the web service applications on this machine.

  4. Configure Profile System Encryption. For more information, go to How to configure encryption keys for Profiles System data

  5. Update the web service application pools to use the service accounts.

  6. Secure Commerce Server databases. For more information, go to Sitecore installation.

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