Wish list

Current version: 8.2

The wish list service provides methods for creating and retrieving wish lists, and adding and removing items to the wish list.

All configuration for the customer subsystem can be found in the Sitecore.Commerce.WishLists.config file, which contains all the details for the entities, pipelines, and repositories that are used by the gift card system.

The default wish list entities for Commerce Connect have the premise that some, but not all, of the basic wish list information that will be used across all commerce systems. There are three entities defined in the Connect system for gift cards, which you may choose to extend to suite your needs:

  • WishList: Used to represent a wish list and associated line items.

  • WishListHeader: Used to represent a summary of a wish list, and contains information such as name, customerId, and isFavorite.

  • WishListLine: Used to represent a line item in a wish list, and contains information such as quantity and assigned product.

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