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Add a Salesforce connection string to Sitecore


How to add a Salesforce connection string to your Sitecore server.

When you have collected the connection string values from Salesforce, you must add the connection string to Sitecore.

To add the connection string to Sitecore:

  • On your Sitecore server, in the ConnectionStrings.config file, add the following connection string, replacing the values in brackets with the values you collected from Salesforce:

    <add name="mysf" connectionString="user id=[user id];password=[password];client id=[client id];secret key=[secret key];security token=[security token]" />

The following is an example of what the connection string looks like after you have replaced the values in brackets:

<add name="mysf" connectionString="user;password=b;client id=GEH9zlTNB8o8BA45pAeDtC8W.DIqrAzuky2uffEEOwtHxIEhLzkmPwjz8KF_vzWY8dNIfurWHpfbZPGdtc3b;secret key=5468568999798354123;security token=g3ygFuNzGgm33YTfsM3WKG3AA" />  


If you connect to a Salesforce sandbox, you must add the parameter sandbox=true to the connection string.