Rebuild the search indexes


How to rebuild the search indexes after changing a Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM installation.

In certain cases, such as when you have installed the Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM connector (SFCRM) in a container environment, you must rebuild your search indexes.

To rebuild the indexes:

  1. Browse to your Sitecore URL, for example, https://xp1cm.localhost/. Open the control panel.

  2. In the Indexing section, click Populate Solr Managed Schema.

  3. In the Schema Populate dialog box, click Select All, then click Populate. Wait for the process to finish.

  4. On the Control Panel, in the Indexing section, click Indexing Manager. In the Indexing Manager dialog, click Select All.

  5. Click Rebuild. When the indexes have been rebuilt, click Close.

  6. Open the Content Editor with Master as the content database.

  7. In the content tree, navigate to /sitecore/system/DataExchange. On the Folder tab, verify that the Empty Data Exchange Tenant and Connect for Salesforce Tenant buttons are available.