Salesforce value accessors


Introduction to the Salesforce value accessor in Sitecore Data Exchange Framework.

This section describes the value accessor that is included with the Salesforce CRM provider for Data Exchange Framework.

To use this value accessor you must install the Sitecore Connect for Salesforce CRM connector.

This value accessor provides the ability to read and update a field from a Salesforce object.

Expected source/target object type


Template location

Data Exchange/Providers/Salesforce/Data Access/Value Accessors/Salesforce Object Field Value Accessor

Template fields

Field name


Field Name

Name of the field from a Salesforce object whose value can be read and written.

Field Name for Select

If the name of the field used in the SOQL select statement (used to read data from Salesforce) does not match the name of the field on the object returned by the statement, this field is used to specify the field name for the SOQL statement.