Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Current version: 6.0

You use Sitecore ConnectTM for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Sitecore Connect) to:

  • Push Sitecore media item structures to corresponding asset structures in Salesforce. The connector synchronizes media items and assets in one direction: when you modify media items in Sitecore, Salesforce is updated as well.

  • Push contact and behavioral data from xDB to Data Extensions in Salesforce. Once the data is available in Data Extensions it can be used to:

    • Personalize email communications in Email Studio.

    • Control a contacts journey through automation plans in Journey Builder.

The connector comes in three parts:

  • Content Exchange – this part is responsible for synchronizing content between Sitecore and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Behavioral Data Exchange – this part is responsible for synchronizing behavioral data from xDB to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Activity for Marketing Automation - this part allows you to set up synchronizations that are triggered by Marketing Automation events.

There are separate installation packages available for the three components, and these are available on the Downloads center.

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