Create a new data folder

Current version: 7.0

By default, the Setup – SFMC Account Infrastructure pipeline batch creates the folders that are needed to send data to SFMC. If you want to add additional data folder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Behavioral Data Exchange (SFMC), you must create a definition for the folder and push it to SFMC.

  1. In Sitecore, in the content editor, in the folder for the tenant, go to Tenant Settings/Providers/SFMC/Object Definitions/Data Folders/Sitecore.

  2. Using the Insert menu, select Data Folder. Enter a name for the data folder.

  3. In the created item, in the Settings section, fill in these mandatory fields:

    • Name – the data folder name. This can be the same as the item name.

    • External Key – a unique key for accessing the data folder.

    • Description – a short description of the data folder.

    • Allow Children – select this to allow your data folder to have children.

    • Content Type – the type of content contained in the data folder.

    Data folder settings.
  4. Run the pipeline batch Setup – SFMC Account Infrastructure to push the changes to your SFMC account.


    Setup – SFMC Account Infrastructure does not change existing folders in SFMC.

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