Installing SFMC Behavioral Data Exchange

Current version: 7.0

Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Behavioral Data Exchange (SFMCBDE) enables you to push Sitecore contact data and marketing list data to corresponding data structures in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). The connector only synchronizes data from Sitecore to SFMC.

This basic functionality does not require you to deploy the Tenant Service.

You can install SFMCBDE on-prem or in a container environment using either Docker or Azure Kubernetes Service.

In an on-prem installation, in addition to the basic SFMCBDE functionality, you can add two plugins that enable advanced synchronization. The plugins are:

  • SFMC Activity for Sitecore Sync. This enables you to synchronize xConnect contact status from SFMC to Sitecore using custom Journey Builder activities.

  • SFMC Activity for Marketing Automation (MA). This enables you to synchronize xConnect contact details to SFMC using MA campaigns. With it, you can synchronize the contacts from Sitecore to SFMC Centralized Data Extension. You can also trigger SFMC Journey Builder API events.

Both plugins require that you first install SFMCBDE and that you deploy the Tenant Service.

In a container environment, the plugins are included in the base installation. However, if you intend to use the plugins, you must install the Tenant Service when you install the container version of SFMCBDE.

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