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Upgrade SFMCBDE to 7.0 on-prem


How to upgrade the Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Behavioral Data Exchange connector to 7.0.

This topic describes how to upgrade Sitecore Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Behavioral Data Exchange (SFMCBDE) on a content management or standalone server to 7.0.

Upgrading SFMCBDE to 7.0 involves:

  • Upgrading Sitecore Experience Platform (SXP) to 10.2

  • Upgrading Data Exchange Framework (DEF) to 7.0

  • Cleaning old SFMCBDE items from the SXP database

Before you upgrade SFMCBDE, you must have the following:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform 10.1 or earlier.

  • Sitecore Data Exchange Framework (DEF) 6.0 or earlier.

  • SFMCBDE 6.0 or earlier.

To upgrade SFMCBDE:

  1. Download the Upgrade Guide for Sitecore Experience Platform for SXP 10.2.0 from the Sitecore download page. Follow the Upgrade Guide to prepare the upgrade and set up the Sitecore.UpdateApp tool. When you get to the Clean the content databases section, perform the following instructions before continuing with the Upgrade Guide.

  2. From the Resource files for Modules page, download the SFMCBDE Upgrade resources package.

  3. Extract the SFMC - BDE Upgrade resources package to a local directory.

  4. Open the SFMC - BDE Upgrade resources 1.0.0\<version>\Data folder (for the version you are upgrading from), and copy the .dat files that are included in the core, master, and web folders, to the corresponding folder paths under \Sitecore.UpdateApp\. For example:

    • Copy the Data\Items\master\items.master.sfmcbde.dat files and paste it in the \Sitecore.UpdateApp\Data\Items\master folder.

    • Copy the Data\Items\web\items.web.sfmcbde.dat file, and paste it in the \Sitecore.UpdateApp\Data\Items\web folder.


    Each folder under the path \Sitecore.UpdateApp\Data\Items\ now contains two files, that is, the file you just copied and the items.<master/web/core>.dat file.

  5. Add DEF upgrade files to the Sitecore upgrade.

  6. When you have added the upgrade files for SFMCBDE, DEF, and any connector modules you have installed, continue with the instructions in the Upgrade Guide to clean up the databases and upgrade your Sitecore installation.

  7. Download and install the Sitecore Connect for SFMC Behavioral Data Exchange 7.0 Package.


If you have created tenants in previous versions of the connector, the tenants work as usual after the upgrade. You do not have to upgrade them.