Sitecore Connect for Sitecore CMP

Current version: 3.0

The Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) connector lets you synchronize content created in Sitecore Content Hub to Sitecore Experience Platform (XP).

With the module, you can:

  • Map Sitecore Content Hub fields to Sitecore fields.

  • Create a language version based on the relationship in the Sitecore Content Hub.

  • Update items automatically.

  • Set the publication date.

  • Create content items in buckets.

The CMP architecture

The key architecture components in the Sitecore CMP module are: the Azure Service bus, the Sitecore Content Hub, and Sitecore.

The following diagram shows a simplified version of the architecture:

Sitecore CMP architecture

The CMP process

The following describes the CMP connector process:

  1. The CMP connector listens to the Azure Service Bus topic’s subscription for new messages. Sitecore Content Hub listens to certain changes, which triggers an action that sends a message to the Azure Service Bus topic.

  2. When a message is received, the CMP connector expects an identifier. If it exists, the connector gets a content type from the Sitecore Content Hub.

  3. The CMP connector creates a new item (or updates an existing item) in one of the preconfigured item buckets (or a new (language) version of an existing item).

  4. The CMP connector saves fields from the Sitecore Content Hub content type into the item’s fields. You can specify which fields to save in the configuration.

  5. The CMP connector checks for localization and localization parents of the source:

    • If the content type has a LocalizationToContent relation, it is used to decide in which language the item (version) must be created.

    • If the content type has a ContentToContentLocalization relation, the entity is considered as a localization of another entity and instead of creating an item, the connector will look for another item that is linked to the ContentToContentLocalization parent.

  6. The CMP connector sends a message to the Azure Service Bus topic with information about the item that was just created or updated in Sitecore.

  7. Any exceptions are added to the Service Bus message. All exceptions are written to Sitecore log files.

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