This topic describes how to use the SubAppRenderer component in SPEAK.

You use a SubAppRenderer control to include one SPEAK page in the layout of another SPEAK page. For example, you can use the SubAppRenderer control to show a menu that you reuse in different SPEAK pages.

When you use the SubAppRenderer control, be aware of this:

  • The common SPEAK page that you include in other SPEAK pages must use the Speak-DialogPage template and the Speak-EmptyLayout template.

  • When you add SPEAK components to the layout of the common page, do not specify placeholders and do not add PageCode or structure components to the common page.

  • Each page where you want to include the common page has to have a SubAppRenderer component .


SPEAK renders all controls from the included common page in the placeholder of the SubAppRenderer control. If this is not what you want, you have to create multiple common pages and include these pages with multiple SubAppRenderer controls.





Specify the ID of the common SPEAK page that the SubAppRenderer control renders.