Sitecore 10.4 Experience Platform

Collect and search experience data with xConnect and the Experience Database (xDB).

Getting started with xConnect

An overview of xConnect and the xDB, and how to get started with the xConnect Client API.

xConnect and the xDB

xConnect is the service layer between the xDB and all client applications. Use xConnect to get, create, search, and update contacts and interactions.

xDB to CDP migration tool

Use the ​xDB to CDP migration tool​​ to migrate customer data from the xDB database to Sitecore CDP.

Web tracking

The web tracker tracks a contact's activity on a website and submits it to xConnect.

Marketing Automation Engine

The Marketing Automation Engine processes engagement plan enrollments and moves contacts through plans.

Marketing Operations

Use the Marketing Operations API to manage definitions and taxonomies.

Segmentation and conditions

Segment contacts by behavior or facet and create your own conditions to extend personalization.


Aggregate and process contact data in the reporting database.

Cortex Processing Engine

Distributed processing at scale.

Reference Data Service

Store and retrieve reference data from systems external to the xDB.


Access aggregated reporting data.

Federated Experience Manager

Add Sitecore content on external non-Sitecore websites. Track visitor interactions and generate analytics.

Universal Tracker

Mobile analytics on data collected from mobile apps, IoT, AR, VR and other emerging channels.

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