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Path Analyzer map types


A description of the default map types for Path Analyzer maps.

Map type describes the data that is used to build the map. You can filter a map using conditions from the Rule Set Editor.

When you create a new map, you select a map type. The following map types are available by default:



Page map

A map built from sequences of page visits within a given interaction. There are a few subtypes for Page maps available by default, and they let you create a page map focused on a particular interaction attribute. 

Goal map

A map configured around converting a specific goal. This is convenient for users who want to see maps of interactions leading to the selected goal. Goal maps disregard pages that were visited after a particular goal was reached.

You can build Goal maps in reverse mode by selecting the Reverse checkbox on the Goal map definition item in the Marketing Control Panel. A reverse goal map reverses the sequence of pages leading to a particular goal and uses the selected goal as the starting point of the map instead of starting at the Internet node.

Asset map

A map configured to show the paths that contacts take to download or interact with a particular digital asset, such as a PDF file or video. An asset map disregards pages that were visited after a particular asset was downloaded.

Campaign map

A map that shows path experiences for contacts coming from a specific campaign.

Channel map

A channel map lets you create a page map for all interactions from a particular channel.

Experience map

An experience map can include other interaction attributes, such as channels, campaigns, goals, events, and outcomes. It also lets you focus on more high level path analysis than the more detailed page maps.

Outcome map

An outcome map lets you create a page map leading to a particular outcome.

Maps can either be global or site-specific. This is determined by the location of the map within the Path Analyzer's content tree in the Marketing Control Panel. All global maps are in the /Maps/Default maps/Global maps folder and all site-specific maps are placed in the /Maps/Default maps/Site maps folder.

Custom maps are maps that are not based on the default map types. Custom maps are created by a developer and placed in the /Maps/Custom maps folder.