Edit the layout of an email campaign

Current version: 10.4

When you create an email campaign, it is based on a template. You can edit the content and layout of the email, and it's possible to add and remove components, for example to add or remove an image. You may also want to change the appearance of individual components in the email, for example, to change the size, color, or alignment of the text. Any changes that you make only apply to the current email campaign. They do not change the underlying template.

To change the presentation of a component:

  1. In the Email Experience Manager, find and open the relevant email campaign.

  2. On the Message tab, click the body of the message. This opens the message body in edit mode.

  3. Click in one of the blocks, but be careful not to hover over the content. For example, in the following window, click in the white area to the lower left or right, not on the button or text:

    Click in an area of the component that does not contain any content.
  4. In the dialog that appears, click on More and then select Edit component properties :

    Call to Action dialog box showing how to select the Edit component properties option.

    If you do not see the Edit component properties option in the drop-down menu it is because you have selected content within the block. Try clicking somewhere else in the block.

  5. In the Control Properties dialog box, scroll down to the Section Options section, and change the settings for one or more of the properties. For example, you can change the color of the text for links to red by setting the Link Color property to ##ff0000 or red.

The values of the Section Options properties are specified in the same way as in the CSS. For example, padding can be specified using values of %, em, or px.

The properties that are available in other sections of the Control Properties dialog are general Sitecore layout settings, and they are often configured by developers. For more information, see Set placeholder restrictions, Data sources, and Configure HTML caching.

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