Combine content from multiple renderings

Current version: 10.3

Use the Experience Editor for the steps described in this topic.

The Container rendering is a container for other renderings. Adding multiple renderings to a Container rendering helps you:

  • Structure your page content.

  • Combine content from different fields that originate in the same page or data source.

  • Change the data source for multiple renderings at the same time.

To add a Container rendering and to change the data source:

  1. Open the toolbox.

  2. From the Page Structure section, drag and drop the Container rendering on the placeholder you want to add it to.

  3. Add renderings to the Container rendering. For example, Title and Page Content. By default, the renderings take the data source from the current page.

  4. To change the data source for the renderings in the Container rendering, in the floating toolbar of the Container rendering, click More, and then Edit component properties.

    Edit the component properties from the floating toolbar.
  5. In the Control properties dialog box, in the General section, in the Data Source field, click Browse.

  6. You can now select a different data source for the renderings in the Container rendering.

    Select the Associated Content dialog box.
    Example of how different data source content is loaded.

    To change the data source for a Container rendering that contains a snippet, you must clear the Data Source field of the renderings within the snippet before selecting the different data source.

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