Sitecore on Azure


Deploy, manage, and maintain Sitecore on Microsoft Azure for a scalable and robust Cloud solution.

Learn about the analytics features of Azure resources, app services, and the Azure Marketplace with the Sitecore on Azure documentation. There are many things you can do with Azure, to make it easier the documentation is divided into topics about deploying and analytics.


Use the Sitecore on Azure documentation to learn more about the additional deployment functionality of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure; install the AD module with Sitecore; and learn how to upload and manage files to Sitecore on Azure with the Microsoft App Service Editor and FTPs.


Use the analytics features of Sitecore on Azure to manage your Sitecore databases through the Azure App service with Azure SQL; better optimize your Azure Cognitive Search service; and ensure you are ready for your Sitecore deployment by securing your Web Apps, Azure SQL database, and MongoDB. You can also troubleshoot and improve performance by using Microsoft Application Insights to analyze Sitecore logs.