Deprecated features in Sitecore 10.1

Current version: 10.1


MongoDB providers for session and collection are removed in Sitecore 10.1. If you use MongoDB now and want to upgrade to Sitecore version 10.1, refer to the following table for upgrade instructions:

Current version

Upgrade instructions

Sitecore XP 8.x

Use the Sitecore xDB Data Migration Tool to migrate to Sitecore 10.0 SQL and follow the regular Sitecore upgrade process to upgrade to Sitecore 10.1.

Sitecore XP 9.x


10.0 MongoDb

Use the xConnect Migration code sample to migrate to Sitecore 10.1. Alternatively, use the xConnect API to copy the data from a previous instance to the new 10.1 xDB instance.

Sitecore Update Center

The Sitecore Update Center has been deprecated in Sitecore XP 10.1.0. The last version that you can use the Update Center with is Sitecore XP 10.0.X.

Sitecore XC

The following Sitecore XC features are removed in this release:

Sitecore XC for Azure App Service WDPs

Commerce Web Deploy Packages (WDPs) for deployment to a Microsoft Azure App Service are no longer provided. Starting with Sitecore XC 10.1, deployment using container fully replaces PaaS deployment. Sitecore XC deployment guides using container are available on the Downloads site.

Support for the Azure search provider, including any related policies and configuration, is removed in Sitecore XC 10.1. We recommend that you use Solr search in your Commerce solution.

Sample Content Hub plugin for integration

The sample Plugin.Sample.ContentHub plugin is removed from the package, along with supporting Commerce Engine policies. To integrate Sitecore Experience Commerce 10.1 with Sitecore Content Hub, use the sample plugin included with Sitecore XC 10.0 as a starting point to create your own plugin extensions for required compatibility.

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