Add a New Sitecore Language to a Commerce Server Culture Mapping

Current version: 8.2

Use the Commerce Server plug-in to map an additional language to a default culture.

Complete the following prerequisites:

Commerce Server supports more languages than Sitecore., and you may need to map a language to a region-free language. For example, Commerce Catalogs have Danish as da-DK, but Sitecore treats Danish as region-free. Therefore, in the CommerceServer.config, an entry would be required to map da-DK culture to the Sitecore da language.

At your XML Editor:

  1. Create a new .config file in the Website\App_Config\Include directory of your Sitecore site.


    The system applies the files in alphnumeric order. Ensure the file containing your overrides is named to run after CommerceServer.config, For example zzCommerceServer.config or My.Overrides.CommerceServer.config

  2. Create a configuration section that adds a new language element to the defaultLanguageCulture element collection. .

    For example the following configuration instructs the Commerce data providers to use the fr-FR culture in the Commerce catalog system when the fr language is selected in Sitecore.

    <configuration xmlns:patch="">
            <language name="fr" culture="fr-FR" />
  3. Save and close the file

  4. Restart IIS.

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