Commerce Server web application accounts

Current version: 8.2

Use the Service user accounts for the Sitecore Commerce web applications to perform the following tasks:

  • To run Internet Information Services (IIS) application pools.

  • To help secure folders.

  • To establish anonymous access to the Web site.

  • To access the Commerce Server databases.

Commerce Server creates the Web applications when you unpack a Commerce Server site, such as the SolutionStorefrontSite, and select the Web services that you want to install. Each Commerce Server Web application requires the definition of a Windows user account and a Windows user group.

Create the following accounts and user groups on the data tier domain controller, and make assignments before or after you install Commerce Server. Also create the RunTimeUser account on the Data tier domain controller. The following table lists the default names that are used in this deployment guide:

Account name



The account to run the Sitecore site application pool.


The account to run the Catalog web service application pool.


The account to run the Profiles web service application pool.

For a production deployment, you will want to define more groups so you can take full advantage of the role assignment roles available. For descriptions about each predefined role, go to the topic Commerce Server Web Services and Account and Application Pool Assignments.

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