Create a Catalog

Current version: 8.2

Create a new catalog based on the Commerce Catalog template.

Complete the following prerequisites:

At the Content Editor


Re-index the site immediately after changing catalogs. If the site is using an old index, new content will not appear and deactivated content will persist.

  1. Browse to the insertion point for the new catalog in the content tree: /sitecore/Commerce/Catalog Management/Catalogs/

  2. Request a catalog instance.

    Right click on Catalogs, select InsertInsert from Templatefrom the context menu.

  3. Select a catalog template.

    Browse or search to /sitecore/templates/Commerce/Catalog/Commerce Catalog

  4. Name the new catalog instance.

    Enter a name in the Item Name dialog box and click Insert.

  5. Save your changes.

    Click Save on the Home ribbon.

    Catalog Items are available in the content tree. If required, you can refresh the Catalogs node by collapsing it, then expanding it again.


    When you create a catalog through Sitecore, the default language is set to "en", and the default currency is "USD". After the catalog has been created, you can add any new languages or currencies, and then remove the default settings of "en" and "USD". The default language and currency values can be changed by using the following attributes in the CommerceServer.config file:

    <commerceServer configurationProvider="Sitecore.Commerce.Connect.CommerceServer.Configuration.DefaultConfigurationProvider,
     Sitecore.Commerce.Connect.CommerceServer" defaultLanguage="en" defaultCurrency="USD">

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