Edit a Catalog Display Name

Current version: 8.2

Change the display name of a Catalog, Category, Product or Variant.

Complete the following prerequisites:


Re-index the site immediately after changing catalogs. If the site is using an old index, new content will not appear and deactivated content will persist.

At the Content Editor

  1. Open the Catalog, Category, Product or Variant on the content tree.

    Browse to /sitecore/templates/Commerce/Catalog/ and select the content item you want to rename.

  2. Open the Display Name for editing.

    Click the Home tab, and select the Display Name button from the Rename group on the ribbon.

    The system opens a dialog box containing the display name.

  3. Make your edits.

    To edit a field, click into the dialog box to make changes.

  4. Save your changes.

    Click OK.

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