Hosting the Transaction Service in SCpbMD

Current version: 8.2

Perform the following tasks on all Content Management and Content Development servers:

  1. If you have not already done so, install Sitecore.Commerce.DynamicsIntegration.TransactionService by using the Sitecore.Commerce.DynamicsIntegration.TransactionService update package (Sitecore.Commerce.DynamicsIntegration.TransactionService.8.*.*.update) that you downloaded previously. Navigate to http://<your site>/sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx, and then follow the steps in the wizard.

  2. Navigate to the Sitecore instance folder and open \Website\TransactionService\web.config. Change the CommerceRuntimeConnectionString_OUN connection string to your Dynamics AX for Retail Channel Database.

    1. Replace the "OUN" string of the connectionStrings name(s) with the actual "OperatingUnitNumber" field value defined by Referencestorefront site under item /sitecore/content/Storefront/Home. For example:

          <add name="CommerceRuntimeConnectionString_068"
            Security=SSPI" />
  3. Navigate to the Sitecore instance folder and open \Website\TransactionService\commerceRuntime.config. Fill in the defaultOperatingUnitNumber with the operation unit number of your Dynamics AX Channel. For the retail server, the defaultOperatingUnitNumber should be empty.

  4. Navigate to the Sitecore instance folder and open \Website \App_Config\DynamicsRetail.Connectors.Services.config. Configure the Transaction service endpoints to reflect the URI of service endpoints and identity that will be used.

  5. In IIS Manager, locate the "TransactionService" directory in your Sitecore instance, and then click Convert to Application. Optionally, you can create a separate application pool and user account for the TransactionService application.

  6. Make sure that the computer running TransactionService is able to access the real time service URL that is returned by your Microsoft Dynamics service hosted on your AX headquarters.. You may need to update your Windows hosts file.

  7. SCpbMD expects communication with the Transaction Service to be done over SSL, so you must set up the hosting Sitecore site with a HTTPS binding and certificate.

  8. The certificate that is used by the reference storefront for HTTPS must be added to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the machine that hosts the transaction service. The certificate can be exported by using IIS. For more information, go to .


    The endpoint address URL in DynamicsRetail.Connectors.Services.config must match the URL associated to the certificate. You can validate that the transaction service is working by checking if you can navigate to without any certificate errors or warnings.

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