Install Sitecore update packages

Current version: 8.2

You use the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard to install required update packages to your Commerce Server installation.

  1. Launch the Sitecore Update Installation Wizard (at http://<your site>/sitecore/admin/UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx).

  2. On the main Sitecore Update Installation Wizard page, click Select a package.

  3. On the Select a package page, use the Choose folder option to install each of the following update packages (located in the Packages folder of the Sitecore Commerce release root folder):

  • Sitecore Commerce Server Connect.10.x.xx.update

  • Sitecore.Commerce.Engine.Connect.1.x.xxxx.update

  • Sitecore Commerce Business Tools Shared.1.x.xx.update

  • Sitecore Commerce Merchandising

  • Sitecore Commerce Customer and Order Manager.1.x.xx.update

  • Sitecore Commerce Pricing and Promotions Manager.1.x.xx.update



  • You must install the two Reference Storefront packages last, and in the order shown in the list.

  • During the Reference Storefront installation, if you see an error message about the initialization of a Commerce Server site, disregard the message, and continue set up.

  • You must confirm your changes to override the existing configuration when you install the Sitecore update packages

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