Loyalty Program and Tiers

Current version: 8.2

A loyalty program can entitle repeat customers to special prices and discounts.

Loyalty programs are used to help increase customer loyalty by rewarding repeat customers. Multiple programs can be associated with a loyalty card, and multiple loyalty cards, including family or organization accounts, are supported. Any customer who holds a loyalty card can participate in the loyalty programs that are associated with the card. Loyalty programs can also include base-level discounts and rewards for all participating customers.

A loyalty program has loyalty tiers, with rules and qualifications to define each tier. Tiers can also dictate the length of time a customer may remain in a tier.

Loyalty programs are separate from loyalty schemes. Loyalty schemes specify the point earning and redemption rules that apply to a specific loyalty program. Retail channels are associated with specific loyalty schemes to identify the loyalty programs apply to the retail store. Loyalty tiers can be associated with multiple retail channels, including across legal entities.

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