Persona Fundamentals

Current version: 8.2

Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.4 supported personae.

The following table details the personae supported in Sitecore Commerce 8.2 powered by Commerce Server and Commerce Server 11.4.

Table 8.  Commerce Server Persona



Planner tasks:

  • Strategy and governance:

    • Site architecture

    • Security

    • High Availability

    • Scalability

    • Migration/Upgrade

    • Staging

    • Deployment

    • Integration

    • Troubleshooting

    • Performance

  • Directing development tasks on subsystems:

    • Catalog

    • Marketing

    • Orders

    • Profiles

    • Staging

    • BizTalk


Developer Tasks:

  • Builds Commerce Server Web applications.

  • Customizes Commerce Server business logic.

  • Modifies pipeline components.

  • Develops custom pipeline components.

  • Integrates the Web site together with existing systems and applications.

  • Migrates existing e-commerce sites and databases.

  • Customizes Commerce Server systems.

  • Creates custom reports.

  • Customizes/Extends subsystems:

    • Catalog

    • Marketing

    • Orders

    • Profiles

    • Staging

    • BizTalk


Administrator tasks:

  • Packages, stages and moves sites.

  • Configures and optimizes Commerce Server resources

  • Maintains Commerce Server databases

  • Troubleshoots the Web site environment

  • Maximize the number of hosted sites per server

  • Reduce support costs to help the business realize maximum revenuemanage sites across multiple servers – maintain reliable infrastructure for clients

  • Manage sites hosted by SaaS cloud providers – maintain reliable infrastructure for clients and ensure SLA adherence

  • Leverage automation for routine administrative tasks

  • Software deployment

  • Hardware installation

  • Security standards implementation

  • Database administration

  • Server administration

  • DNS

  • Email

  • Backups

  • User administration

  • Help desk for client’s sites being hosted

  • Deploy new applications and services to clients as market demands


Basic merchandising tasks:

  • Creating new products

  • Maintaining unstructured data, like the “About Us” page

  • Organizing products by categories

  • Hand managing inventory levels of products

  • Grouping products into packages

  • Pricing products – both on the product level, by group, and targeted towards specific users

  • Specials on the website:

    • Endcaps – products that are highlighted on a per-category basis

    • Featured Products – new products and products that need to have more exposure based on inventory status

  • Import and export a product catalog into and out of a spreadsheet (like Excel, for instance) for easier “bulk management”

  • Operations on meta tags to support SEO.

  • Staging

  • Reports and analytics

Basic Marketing Tasks:

  • Creating new advertising campaigns:

    • Product-level ads

    • Product-bundle level ads

    • Shipping incentives

    • Order-level incentives

  • Targeting campaigns to respective shoppers (segmenting):

  • Testing A/B

  • Abandoned carts

  • Opt ins

  • Previously purchased related items

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