Setting up Solr

Current version: 8.2

Sitecore has a flexible search framework that allows the development of plug-ins to integrate and work the same with any search engine.

The default search engine used by Sitecore is Lucene, but you can also download a plug-in for Solr, which is a better solution for large installations.

Some settings are missing in the shipped Solr configuration file for the FXM component. A corrected file is located at .


For SOLR version 4.9 or higher, schema.xml requires modification to make it compatible with Sitecore. For more information, go to

Depending on the Sitecore role you are creating, you may need to add different index cores to your Solr instance. For information on choosing your role, which configuration files need to be disabled, and which cores need to be created in Solr to support it, go to Configuring servers .

The Sitecore Community Docs provide a guide for installing and configuring Solr with Sitecore. For more details go to:

The binary files required to set up Solr are located at: Sitecore Experience Commerce Downloads.

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