Sitecore Commerce Service API

Current version: 8.2

The Sitecore Commerce Service API provides the ability for external entities to execute functions within Sitecore Commerce. The API is RESTful based on Odata. Odata provides built-in benefits, for example supporting annotations on metadata, which enables clients to pre-validate and support enumerable properties.

Sitecore Commerce Service API commands can be short or long running. Long running commands return a token that can be used to check the status of a command. Commands are request/response oriented.

The API can be extended by adding commands via a Sitecore Commerce plugin.

The Sitecore Commerce Service API is made up of three role-oriented APIs, each targeting specific logically separated business needs:

  • CommerceOps API: for the DevOps role in managing a Sitecore Commerce implementation, including methods to create and manage Commerce Environments and global policies.

  • CommerceShops API: for supporting the online shopping experience such as a web storefront. For example, when adding to a cart in the Reference Storefront, the related processor in Sitecore Commerce Connect makes an API call to the Commerce Engine to perform the cart activity and return a result.

  • CommerceAuthoring API: for business users. It introduces the "Entity Views" concept, which is a mechanism for mapping potentially complex Sitecore Commerce entities into a flattened structure that can be dynamically represented in business tools.

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