Enable the multilanguage message functionality


Configure the EXM module to use the functionality that allows delivering messages in the recipients preferred language.

The Email Experience Manager lets you send messages to recipients in their preferred language. You must add the languages that you want your marketers to be able to choose from when they create a new language version of a message. And you must also make sure your marketers have the correct permission for each language.

Marketers can create a new language version of a message using the Message language drop-down menu in both the EXM email campaign creator and in the individual email message templates in the Content Editor.

When marketers create or edit a message, they can create a new language version of a message using the Message language drop-down menu.

By default, your emails are available in one language version. To add more, you must add to change the range of available language versions.


By default, Sitecore creates message templates in an English language version. If you do not need an English language version of your emails, you can remove this language version.

To change the range of available languages:

The languages available in your Sitecore system.

After you have added languages to your Sitecore installation, your marketers can use them to create these language versions of their messages.

The language picker drop-down for email messages.


If you are creating a language version that is not in one of the default languages available in Sitecore (English, German, Japanese, and Chinese), you must create the content components for this language manually. For example, headers, footers, and so on. If you do not manually create the components for the language version, the marketer only sees an empty UI for that language version.

To create a message in a certain language, the marketer must have Language Write permissions to this language. If the marketer does not have Language Write permission to a language when they try to create a message in multiple languages, EXM only creates the message in the language that the user has permission for.

To give your marketer Language Write permissions to a language version:

  1. In Content Editor, navigate to /sitecore/system/Languages/<Your language>.

  2. Under Security, go to Assign security, Add an account, and select the account for your marketer.

  3. Make sure that the user has Language Write enabled for that language version.


    If a marketer in your organization says that nothing is happening at all when they try to create an email message in different languages, they might not have Language Write permissions to any of the available languages yet.