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Configure module globs


How to configure module globs in Sitecore Module Explorer.

The search paths used to locate your modules are called module globs. You must configure the module globs for Sitecore Content Serialization to find them. Typically, a solution has a file system structure like the following:

    │   └───BasicCompanyItems.module.json
    │   └───serialization/
    │   └───BasicCompany/
    │       ├───Accordion
    │       ├───HeroBanner
    │       ├───PromoCard
    │       ├───PromoContainer
    │       └───SectionHeader
    │   └───Navigation
    │   └───ProjectItems.module.json
    │   └───serialization/

To configure module globs:

  1. In Sitecore Module Explorer, double-click Sitecore Configuration Root.

    Illustration showing the Sitecore Configuration Root form.
  2. In the Sitecore Configuration Root window, edit the following:

  3. Save the Sitecore Configuration Root.