Deploying your Sitecore solution with Sitecore Azure Toolkit and Managed Cloud


The features of Sitecore Azure Toolkit make it easy to deploy your Sitecore solution.

As a Managed Cloud Standard customer, you can use the Sitecore Azure Toolkit (SAT) to deploy your Sitecore solution onto Microsoft Azure®. The Sitecore Azure Toolkit simplifies the task of preparing and deploying a Sitecore solution with:

  • PowerShell commandlets to package a Sitecore instance into role-specific packages.

  • Default integration with Microsoft Azure services: Microsoft Azure SQL®, Microsoft Azure Redis Cache, Microsoft Application Insights®, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search®.

  • Prebuilt ARM templates for frequently used topologies: XM, XP, XPSingle.

  • Configuration tweaks to run Sitecore on the Azure App Service.

  • Security features: HTTPS, low-privileged SQL access, secure Sitecore password.

Use the Sitecore documentation to get started with the Sitecore Azure Toolkit.