Planning: Commerce considerations for Managed Cloud


Plan ahead with your Managed Cloud solution to accommodate future changes in your commerce and factor in potential outages.

Over time the requirements for your commerce solution will likely change and you will want to scale up or scale down accordingly. It is good practice to prepare for this by planning the capacity for the size of your content database, xDB, and cache ahead of time. Disasters also occur, so to minimize loss of data and downtime, it is important to have a solid recovery plan in place.

After arranging for all of the personalization experience features, commerce tools, content, and data specific to your solution to be integrated into your Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) platform, you ideally want as much uptime as possible. This means that in the event of an outage you must consider your recovery point objective (RPO), which is how long you are prepared to have your site down before failing over to a secondary environment and beginning the recovery process.

A solid recovery plan also incorporates your recovery time objective (RTO) to ensure your site and data are restored in good time. Consider the type of experience you want for your customers during a disaster event; think about the type of outage page you want to include to keep your customers informed of what is going on and when the service is likely to return to normal. Importantly, you must also ensure you have higher than normal availability during the disaster recovery (HADR) process.