Purge deleted categories from the database

Current version: 10.0

By default, the Purge Categories minion runs as a maintenance process, purging any deleted categories from the database at a regular interval. By default, the minion runs every 5 minutes. You can trigger minion to run manually using the sample Run Purge Categories Minion request in Postman.

Using Postman with Sitecore XC

The following instructions assume that you have installed the Postman application, imported the sample collections from the Sitecore Commerce Engine SDK, configured your environment, and retrieved a bearer token to access the Commerce Engine API, as described here.


When you place a call to the Commerce Engine API from outside the Commerce Business Tools (for example, using Postman), you must disable the anti-forgery protection setting in the wwwroot\config.json file.

To purge deleted categories from the database using Postman:

  1. In the Collections pane, expand the SitecoreCommerce_DevOps collection. 

  2. Open the Minions folder, and execute the Run Purge Categories Minion request.

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