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Configure the relative serialization path


How to change the relative serialization path of the Sitecore Content Serialization (SCS) system.

The Sitecore Content Serialization (SCS) system places content items serialized from a Sitecore instance in the serialization path relative to the module file.

To change the relative serialization path:

  1. Go to your project folder.

  2. Open the sitecore.json file.

  3. Locate the defaultModuleRelativeSerializationPath property:

    "serialization": {
      "defaultMaxRelativeItemPathLength": 120,
      "defaultModuleRelativeSerializationPath": "serialization"
  4. Change the value from serialization to the path that you want. You must not exceed the limits of your file system.

  5. Save the sitecore.json file.


If you have already serialized content items from a Sitecore instance to your file system, you must move your content items to the new path.