Data Exchange Framework Remote Client

Current version: 10.1

Data Exchange Framework (DEF) allows synchronizations to run outside of the Sitecore server by implementing and configuring a DEF Remote Client. This can significantly reduce the load on your Sitecore server by moving much I/O and other processing to a separate machine.

A DEF Remote Client is hosted in a custom application by implementing the Data Exchange Framework Remote SDK and the Tenant Service. (Starting with Sitecore 9.2, the Tenant Service includes the DEF Remote SDK). To customize the DEF Remote SDK, follow instructions provided in this article.

Supported infrastructure

Since the DEF Remote SDK can be implemented in any hosting Microsoft .NET application, the infrastructure requirements are defined and limited by the hosting application.


The references for in a Data Exchange Framework synchronization is defined by the specific providers used, however the DEF Remote Client SDK references the following roles:

Application roles

Role name

Connection string name




Content Management

N/A, defined by hosting app



The DEF Remote SDK requires a url to the CM role provided by the hosting application

Privacy and security

The Data Exchange Framework Remote Client role handles personal data in the following ways:


  • Consent has been given to synchronize personal data between systems.

  • The external system (such as a CRM) is able to comply with data rights such as the right to be forgotten / right to erasure.

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