Commerce search and indexing

Current version: 10.1

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) delivers built-in search functionality through the Search plugin. Your Sitecore deployment determines the search and indexing provider that is used by the Commerce Engine. Solr is the default search engine for on-premises installations.

Default Commerce search indexes

The Commerce indexing framework creates indexes by default to support search functionality in the Business Tools, and also to enable Sitecore content search for Catalog items.

The policy set file PlugIn.Search.PolicySet-1.x.x.json (located in the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<CommerceEnvironment>\wwwroot\data\Environments folder) defines default Commerce search indexes.

The following indexes support search functionality available by default in the Business Tools:

  • CatalogItemsScope - for catalog items search

  • CustomersScope - for customers search

  • OrdersScope - for orders search

  • PromotionsScope - for promotions search

  • PriceCardsScope - for price cards and price books search

The following indexes provide default search capability for Catalog items (such as catalogs, categories, and sellable items), to feed into the Sitecore_web_index and Sitecore_master_index, in support of Commerce content search capability for Sitecore Content Editor and storefront users.

  • master_index - for catalog items search in Sitecore Content Editor

  • web_index - for catalog items search in the SXA Storefront

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