Sitecore Media Library CDN-related configuration reference

Current version: 10.2

This topic describes a list of settings that are affected by a Content Delivery Network (CDN) package when enabling a CDN for the Sitecore Media Library. Make a note of these settings because you will also require them when you enable a CDN for the Sitecore Media Library manually.

Use the following settings when enabling a CDN for the Sitecore Media Library.




Set the value to true, to always include a CDN URL when obtaining a media item URL. Otherwise, the media URL will be generated without a CDN URL and the request will not be served by a CDN server.


Set the value to the URL of the CDN endpoint. (When you receive an item URL, this URL is included.)


Set the value to true. The purpose of the value is to generate a unique URL for every revision by adding a query string parameter (rev) when you receive an item URL. This means every time an item is revised, a new URL is generated. It also prevents a CDN from returning old revisions.


Set the value to public, to let the CDN server cache the response. Otherwise, instead of caching the response, the CDN server will ask the Sitecore server for the response every time you request a media item. This value is set as a cacheability response header.


The value of this setting determines the max-age in media response headers.  It is used to calculate the value of an expiration header. A CDN server uses this value as the max-age of the response cache.

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