Timeout error details


Overview of timeout error details in extended xConnect logs.

Connection timeout exceptions include request data in extended xConnect logs. The log entry has the request method, the requested URI, and the stack trace of the request.

The following is an example of the log details included in a timeout error log:

Method: GET, 

RequestUri: https://xcp_xconnect/odata/Interactions/?$filter=LastModified lt 2021-06-04T12:00:08.6297054Z and StartDateTime ge 2020-06-04T12:00:08.6297054Z and StartDateTime lt 2021-06-04T12:00:08.6297054Z&$top=0 

Sitecore.Xdb.Common.Web.ConnectionTimeoutException: A task was canceled. ---> System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled.