Version compatibility

Current version: 10.3

The Sitecore Command Line Interface (CLI) has a version compatibility feature that checks if the Sitecore Management Services module is compatible with your version of the CLI.

The version compatibility feature is enabled by default, but you can control it with the help of the new settings entry in the sitecore.json file:

  "settings": {
    "versionComparisonEnabled": true

After upgrading the CLI, any CLI operations that make calls to the Sitecore Management Services endpoint run only if the version of the module is up to date. If the versions are not compatible, running a CLI command will show the following message:

The Sitecore Management Service version of the environment this 
Sitecore CLI operates with is outdated, please update the Sitecore 
Management Service to version 5.1.25.

As a short-term workaround, you can set versionComparisonEnabled to false, but we strongly recommend updating the Sitecore Management Services module instead.


Although disabling the version compatibility check is possible, incompatible CLI and Sitecore Management Service versions can result in inconsistent behavior and functional issues.


This feature was introduced in version 5.1.25 of the CLI as versionComparingEnabled, which is now deprecated.

If you have version 5.1.25, the Sitecore CLI tries to automatically rewrite the deprecated fields with new ones after any operations that update the sitecore.json file, such as adding a plugin using the Sitecore CLI. However, If the versionComparingEnabled field is still present in the sitecore.json file, for example, as a result of a merge error/omission, you get a warning message:

The property "versionComparingEnabled" in the sitecore.json file was deprecated. Please, use "versionComparisonEnabled" instead.

Furthermore, the new field has higher priority than the deprecated one, and old fields are ignored even if their value differs from the default values in the current version. To correct this behavior, you must manually update the new fields with the values you want and remove the deprecated fields.

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