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Sitecore Authoring and Management GraphQL API


Manage your content in Sitecore using GraphQL.

The Sitecore Authoring and Management API provides a single endpoint and schema that allows you to manage your Sitecore content using GraphQL. The API allows you to extend Experience Manager (XM) with custom dialogs and user interfaces. You can use the API to perform tasks previously possible only through the Sitecore user interface. You can use the APIs to create custom authoring experiences.

The API offers read/write flexibility and is upgrade-safe, meaning you do not have to implement in-process customizations that are hard to manage with subsequent XM upgrades.

You use the Authoring and Management APIs at the endpoint:


You can explore the Authoring and Management APIs with an interactive browser-based GraphQL IDE.

Using the IDE requires that you are at least in the sitecore\Sitecore Client Users role.

The GraphQL IDE is available at:


You must enable and authorize the GraphQL IDE before running queries or referencing the schema and built-in documentation.