Configure the Experience Profile Social tab


How to configure the recent activity panel the Experience Profile social tab.

The Experience Profile, Social tab, displays social media information related to contacts from Facebook, Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn. To see social media data in the Experience Profile, you need to have the Social Connected module installed. In Sitecore 8.0 this module is installed by default.

This topic describes how to:

You need to create a Twitter widget to display tweets on the Experience Profile, Social tab. A Twitter widget is a small application that allows you to add additional features and accessibility to your Twitter account.

To create a widget, you can log in to Twitter with any account that you have access to. This could be your own or a company account. Once you have added a Twitter widget to the correct configuration file in Sitecore, this establishes a connection between Twitter and Sitecore.

To configure the Social tab to display Twitter tweets:

  1. Log in to Twitter with your account username and password.

  2. Click Profile and settings and then click Settings.

  3. Click Widgets.

  4. Click Create new.

  5. Accept the default settings and click Create widget.

  6. Copy the widget ID.


To complete the Twitter configuration, you also need to create a Twitter application.

To configure Sitecore to display Twitter tweets, you must add the widget ID you copied from Twitter to the social configuration file in Sitecore.

To add the Twitter widget ID to Sitecore:

  1. In the Website root folder, navigate to the Social folder, Website\App_Config\Include\Social, and open the Sitecore.Social.ExperienceProfile.config file.

  2. In the Sitecore.Social.ExperienceProfile.config file, find the following section:

               Specifies the widget identifier to use in the Recent Activity panel on the Social, Twitter tab.
               Default value: ""
          <setting name="Social.ExperienceProfile.TwitterWidgetId" value=""/>
  3. In the value parameter, enter your Twitter widget ID. For example:

    <setting name="Social.ExperienceProfile.TwitterWidgetId" value="494042032663310337" />
  4. To set the number of tweets to display, enter a number in the value parameter. For example:

    <setting name="Social.ExperienceProfile.TwitterRecentActivityTweetsCount" value="3" />
  5. Save your changes.

In the Experience Profile dashboard, you can verify that you have configured Twitter on the Social tab correctly.

To check that Twitter is configured correctly:

  1. Open the Experience Profile search page.

  2. Select a contact and open their Experience Profile.

  3. On the Social tab, click the Twitter subtab and expand the Recent Activity panel. You should see the latest Tweets for this contact.


    If you cannot see the Social tab, check that the Social Connected module is installed correctly. If you do not see any tweets check that you have followed all the steps in this topic correctly.