Live session agent

Current version: 8.2

The Live Session Agent module enables you to install and configure an additional server role on a Sitecore content delivery instance. This additional server role enables you to trigger and process automation states by timeout, for contacts with live sessions on your website.


Sitecore 8.2 supports Sitecore Engagement Automation Live Session Agent 2.0 which is available to download from the Sitecore Developer Portal.

For unlocked contacts, whose sessions have expired, engagement plans can still be executed by timeout but using the live session agent, engagement plans can be executed closer to the timeout delay set on the automation state.

Installation considerations:

  • You should only install this module on Sitecore instances that are already part of a content delivery cluster.


    The Live Session Agent module must be installed on all instances within the cluster.

  • Even though the module must be installed on all instances in a content delivery cluster, you can enable the background agent only on a subset of instances, such as on a dedicated instance or a set of instances that only process the timeout and not HTTP requests.

  • To disable the background agent on a particular Sitecore instance, rename or remove the Sitecore.EngagementAutomation.LiveSessionAgent.Processing.config file in the /App_Config/Include folder.

  • During configuration, be aware that a server with this module installed can use significant additional resources in relation to:

    • Engagement automation plan execution when triggered by a timeout.

    • Supporting the Live Sessions Processing Agent.

    • Monitoring the queue of contacts that have engagement automation states with timeout.

  • By installing and configuring the live session agent module on a dedicated content delivery instance, you create a more secure and scalable Sitecore solution, because the additional instance helps to boost the performance of timeout processing.

  • The instance must also be connected to the same shared session state that is used by the content delivery cluster.

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