Current version: 9.0

The Sitecore Commerce Business Tools (BizFX) role provides a single point of access to an interface allowing business users and commerce administrators to perform activities related to merchandising, pricing, promotions, orders and customers management, but also more advanced administrator tasks.

Supported infrastructure

You can host the BizFX role on:

Refer to the Sitecore Commerce compatibility table for compatible versions.

Reference structure

The BizFX role has its place in the Sitecore reference structure. It can be referenced by other roles, and it can also reference other roles.

Illustration showing the BizFX role's place in the Sitecore reference structure.

Referenced by

The BizFX role is not referenced by other roles.


The BizFX role references the following roles:

Application roles

Role name

Connection string name

Default Port



Identity Server






Privacy and security

The BizFX role handles personal data in the following ways:

  • Displays and allows editing of customers and orders, which contain personal data.

For information about how to secure the BizFX role, see the documentation about Commerce security.

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