Core database


Overview of Sitecore Core database supported infrastructure, references, scaling, and privacy and security.

The Core database:

  • Stores the configuration and settings for the Sitecore user interface, as well as store information such as users’ preferences, event queues, and more. Developers may extend or customize items in the Core database - for example, as part of creating or modifying an interface.


    Changing settings in the Core database is often done as part of the solution development. Although you can access the Core database via Sitecore's management interfaces, this is not recommended in production.

  • Stores standard Microsoft ASP.NET Membership tables.

Supported infrastructure

You can host the Core database on:

  • SQL Server

  • SQL Azure

Refer to the Sitecore compatibility table for compatible versions.

Reference structure

The Core database has its place in the Sitecore reference structure. It can be referenced by other roles, and it can also reference other roles.

Illustration showing the Core database's place in the Sitecore reference structure.

Referenced by

The Core database is referenced by the following roles:


The Core database does not reference other roles.

Privacy and security

The Core database handles personal data in the following ways:

  • Stores ASP.NET Membership security data.

  • Stores personal data such as username, email and user profile data