Forms management


Overview of the Sitecore Forms management system for creating and publishing forms and managing form submissions.

Sitecore supports the creation and management of custom forms served on the websites through administrative tools.

Marketers can use the Sitecore management user interface to build and maintain forms for use across websites. As part of defining the forms, a marketer can add fields that the visitor can or must fill in, as well as steps to go through before submitting a form. The marketer can also decide what action to take when a website visitor submits a form, for example, where to save the submitted data, sending email messages, or enrolling a visitor in marketing automation.

When a marketer is happy with the new form and places it on one or more pages on the website, the form definition can be published to the Web database as part of the regular publishing operation.

A marketer can build and place forms on webpages for publishing to the Sitecore Web database.

When a visitor goes to a page that contains a new form, the form is rendered and presented to the visitor through the normal content delivery process.

In turn, when the visitor submits the filled out form, it triggers the configured actions. This can include submitting the form’s input to the Forms database. The form submission can also be stored in the Sitecore Tracker for use in personalization and, if the Experience database is enabled, this means that the form submission is persisted using the xConnect Collection role and can be used to drive the conversion with the visitor during subsequent visits.

Submitted forms are stored in the Sitecore Forms data and can also be stored in the xConnect Collection or in third-party webservices or databases.

The Sitecore Forms architecture is flexible and you can add custom field types and custom actions. This effectively means that Sitecore Forms can submit information to anywhere, for example, to third-party web services or databases.

Marketers can export submissions stored in the Forms database using the Forms dashboard, which is served through the Content Management role.

The Sitecore Content Management role allows for marketers to view and export forms submissions.


You cannot export form data programmatically using the Forms export API. To do so requires that you create and implement your own API.

Refer to the Architecture and Roles documentation for privacy and security considerations for each role on the processing and aggregation data flow.