Set up the Storefront Abandoned Cart marketing automation campaign

Current version: 9.0

Starting in version 9.0.2, Commerce Connect contains a default Storefront Abandoned Cart marketing automation campaign, which helps you track shopping carts and follow up on them.

Storefront Abandoned Cart marketing automation campaign displayed in the MA module

When a new contact arrives at the storefront and a new cart is created, the contact is enrolled in the Storefront Abandoned Cart marketing automation campaign.

By default, the campaign works as follows:

  • If the cart is not manipulated during the defined timeout period, the system verifies whether the cart is empty and whether an email address is known for the contact.

  • If the cart is empty or an email address is not known, the contact is removed from the campaign.

  • If the cart is not empty and the email address is known, the automation campaign sends an email message to the contact reminding them that they have abandoned their cart. The intention is to get the contact to return and place an order. After the automation campaign sends the email message, it removes the contact from the campaign.


When you deploy the SXA Storefront solution, the Storefront Abandoned Cart automation campaign is disabled. To improve general performance, the page events are not configured as live events by default. In order for the custom listener to detect cart activity, you must configure the page events used by the campaign as live events and then deploy marketing definitions. Then you can set up an email campaign and activate the automation campaign.

To set up the Storefront Abandoned Cart automation campaign:

  1. To turn the page events used by the automation campaign into live events, in the Content Editor, go to Sitecore/System/Settings/Analytics/Page Events/CommerceConnect/Cart, and select the IsLiveEvent check box for each of the following events:

    • Lines Added To Cart

    • Lines Removed From Cart

    • Lines Updated On Cart

    IsLiveEvent check box in the Content Editor
  2. To deploy marketing definitions, in the Control Panel, in the Analytics section, click Deploy marketing definitions.

    Control Panel
  3. Create an automated email campaign in the Email Experience Manager. 

    You can personalize the email message by inserting tokens for the contact’s name and similar information.

  4. Assign the email campaign to the Send email action in the marketing automation campaign.

  5. To activate your campaign, click Actions, and, from the drop-down menu, click Activate.


In Commerce Connect 9.0.2, you cannot include information about the content of the cart in the email message due to limitations in the integration of Email Experience Manager with Marketing Automation.

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